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Head shots with Monique

I just love it when a client comes to our session with so much positive energy, which is exactly what I received from Monique while we did her headshots. Monique is a business woman (speaker), wife, mother (of four beautiful children) and now an author. Usually when I’m on a shoot with one of my clients my intentions are to get to know them on a more personal level and hopefully encourage them and love on them, but Monique flipped that on me. LOL. She was such a joy to photograph. She came with so much positive energy. We had a wonderful time shooting and chatting about life and what we wanted to do in life and goals we wanted to set and accomplish.

I left this shoot feeling empowered and encouraged all thanks to this beauty. Thank you Monique. You guys, go get her new book. It’s entitled: “Broken But Not Destroyed, Piecing Her Together”. I promise you, it is a page turner and it will bless you.

Here’s some of this Queen Beautiful shots I captured for her book and brand.

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